Nutritional Therapy consultations

One off Initial Consultations

These last up to 60 minutes and follow the format below:

The most important aspects of our consultation will be addressing your health goals and and how these can be achieved.  Collaboration is crucial to this process so we will discuss your goals, likes and dislikes, lifestyle and how we can formulate a plan to help you move forward.

You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire that takes into account your medical history, any current medical conditions, dietary habits and lifestyle including completing a three day food diary.

During the Initial Consultation I will explain how various aspects of your lifestyle and diet may be affecting your health.  We will discuss your health goals and expectations and what can be achieved through changes to your diet and lifestyle.

It would be beneficial for both of us to send that back before we meet so I can research any medical conditions, medications or gather any other facts that will help me get a better understanding of your health.  We will go through your questionnaire when we meet but its great for me do some work on it beforehand – this also means that we make really good use of the time we have.

After the consultation you will receive an individually-prepared nutritional Action Plan tailored for your specific needs. You may be advised to reduce, eliminate or increase certain foods but will always be given alternatives to help ease the introduction of any suggested changes. All recommendations are discussed in detail so you will gain the full benefit from your programme.

You will also take away or be sent relevant handouts giving extra information and to help explain specific conditions, links to specific websites where you can buy suggested foods or that provide articles that give extra information.

Supplements may be recommended and their use and benefits explained in full.

Sometimes diagnostic testing is advised and again the advantages and different options are discussed in full.   Many tests are available on the NHS and I can write to your GP advising why I am recommending you have specific tests.

I suggest that the follow up consultation is about 2 weeks after our first meeting (see Subsequent Consultations below).

Included is 1 week of email or telephone support (limited to 15 minutes) after individual meetings (unless part of a package – see below).

Nutritional Therapy Package

This follows the same format as the Initial Consultation but includes 2 meetings (the first up to 60 minutes and the second (follow up) up to 45 minutes).  As payment is taken for 2 consultations I am able to offer a discount.  Please note that if you are booking a package, the second consultation must be booked within 12 weeks of the first meeting.

Included in the package is 4 weeks of email or telephone support (limited to 15 minutes) after each meeting.

I suggest clients come back for a follow-up consultation approximately 2-4 weeks later which allows us to discuss how you are progressing and enables you to continue your dietary changes in the most beneficial way to you.

Follow-up consultations last up to 50 minutes.

Subsequent consultations – why come back?

Follow up consultations are really useful for both of us because the allow me to:

  • Keep an eye on you and make sure you are comfortable with the changes you have introduced and allows me to monitor how you are doing
  • Answer any questions – you do get email support (see above) but often you will have questions you need answered in more detail
  • Give you more ideas to build upon those you have achieved
  • Provide you with more information based upon your comments and experiences
  • If you are facing challenges we can talk about these and how to address them

Further consultations (approx 45minutes) are agreed between us depending on your progress.

In order the evaluate the long term benefits I would encourage you to meet with me again 3 months after our first meeting.


Please call me to discuss your needs and I will be delighted to provide you with a personal quote based on your particular requirements.

Recommended supplements are charged extra but I am able to offer clients a 10% discount via a mail order service direct to you.

The cost of biochemical tests vary and we can discuss the different options available. Some tests may be available through your GP on the NHS.

“I can’t thank you enough for your help. Before I came to see you I was really struggling with my tiredness caused by MS and needed help in learning how to correctly fuel my body with the right food. The advice I received was a long term plan which was flexible with the foods I like and great alternatives for food which I enjoyed but weren’t so good for me. I now feel a lot better and my energy has increased so much so I’ve been able to participate in athletics again and made it on to the para-potential watch list for Tokyo 2020. Thank you Pippa.” Ms A.S, Surrey