Nutritional Therapy essential for good mental health

An article published in the journal The Lancet Psychiatry has stated that more attention should be paid to nutrition and supplementation when dealing with mental health issues.

“There is ever stronger evidence that there is a link between, on the one hand, the quality of food and possible deficiencies and, on the other hand, mental health. Nutrients can be given as monotherapy, to supplement deficiencies or to support the nutritional status”, say the scientists.

Research has shown that many people suffering with mental health problems are often deficient in certain nutrients including vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which are all required to support the optimal functioning of the brain.

Suitable supplementation and ensuring a good nutrient dense diet can ensure that people do not have a shortfall of these essential brain-supporting nutrients.

“It is high time that psychiatry acknowledges that nutrition and supplementation are essential. Nutritional medicine should become a mainstream element in psychiatry and should therefore be supported by research, education and politics. There should also be good health education.”


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